Saturday, 3 October 2015

Friday wrap-up: 1/fb, various links...

Wherein I list some (mostly) recent happenings, ramble a bit, and provide links, in an order roughly determined by importance and relevance to particle physics. Views are my own. Content very definitely skewed by my own leanings and by papers getting coverage, and it may not even be correct. It is a blog after all...

  • A huge amount of data was accumulated this week. ATLAS surpassed 1/fb of integrated luminosity, and at the time of this writing is sitting at >1.4/fb!

  • A rumour emerged last weekend of gravitational wave discovery at LIGO; there's a nature column claiming it is unlikely and/or just a drill.
  • The Quark Matter 2015 conference (indico; hashtag) was on this week.
  • The CMS Experiment has a new outreach initiative: CMS Voices on twitter, with a new CMS physicist every month.
  • Links without thinks:
    • Wall Street Journal: "China's Great Scientific Leap Forward," an opinion piece from Gross and Witten [behind a paywall but for me is accessible via a Google search].
    • Life and Physics by Jon Butterworth: "Fermilab's giant magnet begins its journey into the quantum badlands," on the muon $g-2$ experiment which began this week at Fermilab.
    • Nautilus: "The Trouble with Theories of Everything," from Lawrence Krauss.
    • Backreaction has been busy: "No, Loop Quantum Gravity has not been shown to violate the Holographic Principle," and "When string theorists are out of luck, will Loop Quantum Gravity come to rescue?"
    • Terence Tao has submitted a solution to the Erdős discrepancy problem, motivated by a suggestive comment on his blog; see articles at nature news, and Quanta.
  • In audio/video media:
  • Myriad awesome images emerged from NASA this week of "recurring slope lineae" on Mars, hypothesised to be formed by the flow of briny liquid water. See Emily Lakdawalla's blog for a scientist's take.

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