Friday, 16 October 2015

Friday wrap-up: Marcy...

Wherein I list some (mostly) recent happenings, ramble a bit, and provide links, in an order roughly determined by importance and relevance to particle physics. Views are my own. Content very definitely skewed by my own leanings and by papers getting coverage, and it may not even be correct. It is a blog after all...

  • Geoff Marcy resigned from the Berkeley astronomy department after it was found he sexually harassed students (and after the majority of the department signed this letter); see the NY Times article here (who themselves were accused in an open letter of taking an empathetic stance in an earlier article). See also Ethan Siegel and links therein.
  • CosPA 2015 (indico) was on this week.
  • APS gave out some prizes: a new award, the APS Medal for Exceptional Achievement in Research went to Ed Witten, and the J.J. Sakurai Prize for Theoretical Particle Physics went to Peter Lepage.
  • NASA released high resolution Apollo 11 photographs on flickr not too long ago. Planetary Society made a great video out of them:

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  1. Marcy story makes me wonder how academia can still reproduce.? Probably for the best that it does not. Then such PC witch burnings will also end.