Saturday, 31 October 2015

Friday wrap-up: Chinese collider...

Not too much happening lately, or perhaps I have been keeping too busy with other things? Either way, we had a week away; so here's some news from the last two weeks.

  • A number of articles appeared yesterday saying that state-run Chinese media is reporting (as has been brewing for a while now) China will begin building the next supercollider in 2020. Here's hoping they carry through with it! As well this week, Phase II (prototyping) of the HL-LHC project has begun.
  • Ending with some visual delights, here is François Moncarey’s projection mapping work which opened TEDxCERN:

  • A few days ago the Cassini spacecraft performed its deepest ever dive through the southern plumes of Saturn's moon Enceladus (and returned some incredible images).

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